Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Kirstie Allsopp Presents 'The Handmade Fair'

Heres a few photos from the show.

 My stand at 'The handmade Fair'.

Hearts and cushions.

I had lots of new originals.

 I've now got a new selection of notebooks.

 I had all my Sprocket Cards and originals on display.

My New Sprocket Jewellery 

 I Got to meet Kirstie Allsopp :)

I now do crochet Sprocket Pattern in my online shop :)

 A few photos from 'Sallys Shed', She was one of my lovely neighbours.

 Beautiful needlework from Floss and Mischief x

 Its was crazy busy.

 I sold out of the Beard coasters.

Punto Belle was next to me at the show.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

I'm back here....

Greetings from Fryup dale!!

I've decided to return to this old blog, I've renamed it but its still me.  Quick reasons if you're interested and thats because the blog on my website can not be transferred so I've decided to carry on my blog here so the content is keepable! (not even a word)
Well since I last posted on here a lot has happened.

1. I'm now a full time artist // illustrator - Slightly scary realisation.
2.  I do more than just wax!
3. I'm now a P.A (I can explain)
4. I'm a very keen cyclist
5. I've just done my first show in London in twelve years.
6. I've been married 6 years.
7.  I have an amazing studio.
8.  I've travelled to American (a big dream)
9.  My niece is twelve.
10.  Our internet is still pants but we're working on it.

So a lot has happened but some things never change.  I'm still a tea junkie and still loving my little family of animos.

Image above is for sale in an Etsy shop, I found it via Pinterest.

A Gaslight anthem lyric that I love and such a great moto.

My next post will be about the Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair I did last weekend at Hampton Court.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hovingham Fair

Today was Hovingham Fair (farmers market) The day started out lovely, no coat required then after dinner it turned to rain but the crowds still came.  So it turned out to be a successful day.
 My stand today.
 Rachels stand from Portcullis Jewels.
 My new cushions hanging up.
 Make-up bags made with my bespoke fabric.
 Robins and owls made by Charlotte Angus.

 Birdcage mugs and butterfly mugs
Another new cushion with cars and caravans made with bespoke fabric, taken from my designs.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Getting ready for Christmas fairs

Just a better photo of my xmas cards, they'll be available on etsy/ folksy and at my xmas fairs!
Robin christmas cards
Me, my sister and my mum have started having get togethers that we proudly call 'crafternoons' and this week we've been making these lovely colourful owls.  They will be available on folksy, etsy and my fairs in the run upto christmas.
Owls for fairs

Been to Pickering today to the Homespun and Vintage Fair it was lovely.  Cant wait for the next one lol Thought I'd post a few of my purchases below!
A lovely Brooch by Cheryl-Ann
A amazing pin cushion
This lovely pipe cupboard!
My lovely cat Nora in front of a handmade create, That I made for my fairs.

This is a very quick sketch of my new card rack.  I hope its going to be 
ready for next weekend Phils going to make it!!

A sneaky peak at my christmas cards! Robins all the way!