Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bowie Style has arrived!

I must have the nicest drive to work ever!! from Fryup to Staithes in a mini in the sunshine lovely!  Recieved my copy of Bowie Style at the weekend and the verdict is I love it!! Surface pattern in a book!  I did a surface pattern degree and everyone always asks 'whats surface pattern?' so now I tell them i illustrate! sad huh but true.  Bowie Style puts surface pattern on the map, I am now proud to be a surface pattern designer lol!

This is a page from the book Sukie! I love sukie.
The book features some lovely designers and there work is really inspirational!  I advice everyone to take a look!  Designers from all over the world!

Monday, 1 March 2010

New design for my Mug!! what do you think?

I've been busy trying to design my image for a mug! I love the picture above so I'm hoping that this will work and the colours will come up well. Fingers crossed! I haven't mentioned but I have been asked to illustrate a childrens book, which will be so exciting got a few frames done now so I cant wait to show the author! The other good news is I've been asked to join 'not mass produced' so fingers crossed I'm hoping its going to be successful for me. All this happened within a few days last week! good times.
Yesterday me, phil and friends Emma and Nick headed for Castleford to xscape. We had two lessons for snowboarding, so to day as you can imagine my legs are killing. I think I am inproving and we all enjoyed ourselves, then we headed for a well deserved hour or two in Ikea! I bought some shelf brackets for my workshop so I'm looking forward to getting those up, make the place look a bit more like home.